Hockeyland (2022)
Saving Brinton (2018)
Gold Fever (2013)
Pond Hockey (2008)
Untitled Workshop (In Production)

Cinematic Nonfiction

Northland Films are Critics Choice Award-nominated storytellers devoted to producing beautiful and engaging documentary films.

With works described as “enchanting”, “intimate,” and “beautifully made” by some of the nation’s top critics, Northland Films expertly uncovers themes of nature, history & community in unexpected places. Their works have been broadcast nationwide on PBS, reached the #1 documentary slot at the box office, and have played in over 40 countries worldwide.


"A must see. Raw and brutally absorbing."


"The average documentary would gawk, this one reclassifies."

"Delightful. Anyone who loves movies is bound to love it."